PU Foam Fill Tyre Filling

30 July 18

Tyre Filling is a process in which a pneumatic tyre is injected & pressurized with a special 2 component urethane polymer in a precise proportion using a special metering pump. The polyurethane cures into a soft, resilient, synthetic rubber core replacing the air in the tyre.

The resultant filled tyre is thus rendered puncture proof and maintains the required inflation pressure throughout its service life. PU foam filled tyres have a full footprint & are capable of carrying their rated load at all times.

The soft core is designed to provide a ride similar to air filled pneumatic tyres.

PU Tyre Foam-filling is ideally suited for applications where solid tyres are not suitable i.e. long haul distances and high speeds.

The advantages of foam filling are as under:

  • No Punctures – Eliminate Tyre Repair Costs
  • Improved Productivity – No Tyre related Downtime
  • Zero Tyre Maintenance – No pressure variation & pressure checks
  • Longer Tyre Life – Get Full Tread Life from your Tyres
  • Enhanced Man & Machine Safety – No Blowout accidents
  • Better Ballast – Improved Vehicle stability in overload conditions
  • Extended limp-in capability – Never get stuck due to tyre failure
  • Superior Heat Resistance – Extends Tyre Carcass Life

Typical applications are as under:

·         Airports

·         Aluminium Smelters

·         Defence & Para Military

·         Construction

·         Demolition Sites

·         Glass Factories

·         Access Equipment

·         Mining

·         Rental Companies

·         Quarrying

·         Scrap Yards

·         Seaports

·         Steel Mills

·         Tunnelling

·         Waste Sites